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Personal Training :

If you want to loose weight and stay healthy then eat less and exercise more. What if I tell you this approach doesn’t work? I was becoming  a fat ass with this  approach in my forties. About 10 years ago I discovered a field of bio physics and quantum biology. In fact, I would not take anybody’s advice on health and nutrition unless they have at least basic knowledge in these fields. 99% of doctors and health gurus don’t have it. Now in my  fifties  I have same weight and body fat  I had when I was a competitive athlete  in my twenties. I have lost over  30 pounds and kept it off without starving myself of killing with exercise.    Proof of work is on  U Spa Facebook page.  I will teach you step by step how I did it. You will learn what really makes you unhealthy and what to do to avoid it. You will also learn where and how to exercise for maximum benefits and where you should never exercise. You will also learn what you really should eat and which “healthy” foods make you gain weight.   Everything is based on published science but you haven’t heard about it because our friends at Big Pharma have pills to sell you.    Small groups of 4-6 people are welcome for total of $80.  This class is guaranteed to save you on future medical bills.

$80 per one  hour class

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