Question: What is an infrared sauna?

Answer: Infrared light is the natural radiant heat, part of the sun’s spectrum. 42% of sunlight is always infrared light. Our bodies are designed to work with that light frequency. Imagine yourself outside on a warm sunny day. That is how it feels to be in an infrared sauna. It is the comforting heat that warms you from the inside. It is the most natural heat source on earth!

Question: What are the benefits of infrared sauna?

Answer: There are over 5000 studies on red light therapy. Here are just some of the benefits: skin anti-aging, wrinkles, cellulite reduction, speeds recovery from injuries or exercise, muscle protein synthesis, increased insulin sensitivity when combined with exercise, arthritis pain, bone, joint, tissue healing. Red light activates mechanisms for cellular repair and healing. Modulation of gene expression and growth factors can last many days after sauna use.

Question: What are the benefits of traditional sauna?

Answer: The main benefit of saunas with temperatures over 170F is the activation of heat shock proteins ( HSP70) which repair damaged molecules and misfolded proteins and help to keep the 3D architecture of the proteins perfect. It also releases human growth hormone ( HGH) fivefold after 20 min of intense heat. It creates hormetic stress (similar to exercise) which conditions your cardiovascular system, optimizes mitochondrial function. Sauna reduces mortality from all causes.

Question: Why and where should I get a massage, it’s just a luxury I can’t afford? 

Answer: Massage is the fastest and easiest way to put you from sympathetic ( fight or flight) mode to parasympathetic( rest and digest) mode. You cannot heal and regenerate when you are running away from a tiger! We are pretty much 24/7 in sympathetic or stress mode that kills our natural immune system.

The quality of massage varies wildly. Look for a therapist who has been in business for at least 5 years and who works for himself/herself.  Chains and big spas tend to hire right out of massage schools and they are often in a time crunch to turn over the room so forget few extra minutes and if you are late it’s on you. I strongly recommend 90min massages since 1hour isn’t  enough time for whole body massage. Many serious massage therapist don’t even offer shorter massages.

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