$35 for up to 45 min;


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Our infrared sauna has both far and near infrared!

In just last 10 years the  amount of toxins in  our bodies   has gone up from 20 to 500 over the threshold of detection accoring to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  Detox has become a survival strategy.   Our bodies are amazing and can adapt to very high levels of toxiity but once it reaches the limit our bodies start to brake down. The body looses control of bacteria living in our body. Toxicity and infections always go hand in hand.  All types of chronic illnesses follow. Infrared sauna is proven to be one of the best ways to  detox  and boost immune system. We recommend to use infrared sauna at least once a week.

Benefits of  Infrared sauna:

Our bodies are designed to work with sunlight frequencies. 42% of sunlight is  infrared A light. Infrared sauna is the best alternative to sunlight.  Red light optimizes mitochondrial function, makes them produce  more energy. More energy means stronger immune system, no disease, you stay younger longer Your gut flora also loves red light since red light penetrates body for up to 12 inces.

All services are by appointment only. Please call 774-244-4213 to schedule a session or make an online booking from our Reservations page.

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